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Safety Secrets

When I tried using my mom’s makeup when I was a little girl, I started to develop ugly skin dryness and terrible itching. Back then, my mom would always keep her makeup stash or makeup bag away from my arms reach. But being the headstrong and determined little girl that I am, I still get my hands on her makeup. She used to be mad but then, later on, she just let me be. She knew how I came to love makeup as much as every girl. I would always put on her red lipstick and walk around in her high heels and hat. I must have looked really silly but she constantly praised me. From then on, I always look up to my mom as my hero. Growing up, I wanted to be just like her. Strong, beautiful, well loved by everyone, warm and welcoming.

As I grow up, she constantly supported me in anything I put my mind to. She bought me hypoallergenic makeup from Petite n’ Pretty. They have the best makeup for teens. When I started using their makeup especially the 9021-GLOW! Eye and Cheek Palette, I started to observe less and less allergic reaction until lately, it was completely gone. My mom was really amazed as she has tried every single makeup that claimed to be hypoallergenic and safe. Only Petite n’ Pretty stayed true and proved their claims. Mom and I are very happy to have discovered Petite n’ Pretty. It is very comforting to know that I don’t need to buy anti-irritant lotion and all that sticky stuff to prevent or cure my skin irritation.  They only developed non-toxic makeup. They do not have harsh chemicals in their products. All are paraben-free makeup and completely safe even for the most sensitive skin. All the moms in the world should celebrate this one big difference as it just removed their constant worries about harsh chemicals in cosmetics.

The Snow Queens 10K Shine Trio is a set of mini high-shine lip glosses in sparkle-loaded shades including the original Gia Pink and new, limited-edition holiday makeup shades Crown Ruby and Royal Rules. Lightweight and non-tacky, every 10K Shine Lip Gloss delivers mega shine, cushion, and flavor with just one swipe. This is every girl’s dream! My most favorite product that is totally safe, all dermatologist-, ophthalmologist- and pediatrician-approved. All my friends in school knew that I have ultra sensitive skin and they get the idea that I shouldn’t even be wearing any makeup at all. They are dumbfounded and astounded at the same time when they learned my safety secrets! It is all about Petite n’ Pretty’s makeup that was developed to be fully safe for children as young as 3 years old. So then they found out and after about a week later, they told me that they too have made every single product a part of their makeup wishlist. I am just too happy that I shared my safety secrets. We are all relieved that there is a makeup brand that cares about children’s safety while developing their inner creativity.

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